Call for Papers on COVID-19

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COVID-19: Assessing Ethical Responses to the Pandemic

The Asian Bioethics Review (ABR) seeks brief papers from individuals, agencies or organisations evaluating ethical responses to the COVID-19 pandemic for publication in the Perspectives section of the journal. Asian countries have been at the forefront of tackling the virus, and important lessons can be learned about good ethical practice.  

Submissions are invited for papers of between 2,500 and 3,000 words that outline and assess ethical responses to the pandemic.

Questions to be addressed might include:

  • In what ways has ethical evaluation been incorporated into a country's pandemic response?
  • What are examples of good ethical practice in dealing with the COVID-19 outbreak?
  • What expected or unexpected ethical concerns have arisen during the response and recovery phases?
  • In what ways, if at all, have ethical perspectives been changed by the experience of dealing with COVID-19?
  • What lessons might be learned for future pandemics?

The word count excludes the title page, abstract, tables, acknowledgements, contributions and maximum 50 references in Chicago Manual Style (with in-text citation, not footnotes). An abstract of up to 120 words shall accompany each submitted paper. Perspective papers will be subject to ABR’s peer review system, with a focus on insightfulness and depth of analysis or reflection.

This is a rapid response call. We guarantee a final decision within 30 days after online submission via the Editorial Manager. Successful submissions will be published in the next available issue of Asian Bioethics Review.