Editors' Choice Papers 2021

To celebrate the breadth and quality of articles published in the Journal of Hardware and Systems Security, the Editors-in-Chief have nominated five of their favorite articles from the past few years. Please enjoy free access to this list of quality papers for the month of January, courtesy of our Editors-in-Chief.

Firmware Security Module: A Framework for Trusted Computing in Automotive Multiprocessors
Claudius Pott, Philipp Jungklass, David Jacek Csejka, Thomas Eisenbarth & Marco Siebert 

Deep Learning Classification of Motherboard Components by Leveraging EM Side-Channel Signals
Erik J. Jorgensen, Frank T. Werner, Milos Prvulovic & Alenka Zajić 

Experimental Data Anomaly Detection at Edge Sensor Nodes Using Physics Laws
Prudence Phillips, Olaide R. Afolabi & Hassan Salmani 

SRASA: a Generalized Theoretical Framework for Security and Reliability Analysis in Computing Systems
Lake Bu, Jaya Dofe, Qiaoyan Yu & Michel A. Kinsy 

Implementation-Based Design Fingerprinting for Robust IC Fraud Detection
James Shey, Naghmeh Karimi, Ryan Robucci & Chintan Patel