Review articles by S. Chandrasekhar Prize Laureates

The S. Chandrasekhar Laureates are sincerely invited to publish their review articles by the editorial board of Reviews of Modern Plasma Physics. They will describe their special works significantly contributed to the field as well as overviews the background and development of the research fields in the review articles. 

The S. Chandrasekhar Prize recognizes scientists who have made seminal, pioneering contributions in the field of plasma physics, and has been awarded annually since 2014 by the Division of Plasma Physics under the Association of Asia Pacific Physics Societies.

S. Chandrasekhar Prize this year

Toshiki TajimaThe prize in 2018 has been presented to Professor Toshiki Tajima at the University of California, Irvine: “for wide-ranging contributions to plasma physics, in particular for the discovery and invention of extremely intense (relativistic) laser-driven wakefields as robust and long-lasting plasma states, with broad impacts on high energy particle acceleration and other applications, including medicine; in which he exerted leadership to launch high field science and to form large new research communities.”

Past Awardees


Professor Chio Zong Cheng, The National Cheng Kung University, Taiwan

Professor Lou-Chuang Lee, The Academia Sinica, Taiwan


Professor Donald Blair Melrose, The University of Sydney, Australia


Professor Predhiman K. Kaw, The Institute of Plasma Research


Professor Emeritus Setsuo Ichimaru, The University of Tokyo