Topical Collection: Recent Progress in Physics of Plasma-Based Space Propulsion

Reviews of Modern Plasma Physics will publish a topical collection on Physics of Plasma-Based Space Propulsion. This Topical Collection will outline recent progress in understanding, characterization, optimization, and modelling of plasma behaviour in space propulsion systems of various types.

  1. Physics of Hall-type thrusters;
  2. Fusion-based space thrusters;
  3. Helicon-type space thrusters and magnetic plasma nozzles;
  4. Thrusters with rotating plasma;
  5. Behaviour of materials exposed to plasmas in thrusters;
  6. Arc plasma thrusters;
  7. Plasma cathodes;
  8. Modelling and simulation of plasma behaviour in space thrusters;
  9. Other related topics.

The guest editors are Prof. Igor Levchenko and Prof. Kateryna Bazaka. Currently around articles are planned. All submitted manuscripts will undergo a standard rigorous peer-review process in accordance with the highest Springer standards.We are expecting submission by December 31, 2018

CFP for Topical Collection on Recent Progress of Plasma-based Propulsion (pdf, 2.4 MB)