Call for Special Issue Proposals

Occupational Health Science invites proposals for special issues on topics relevant to the journal’s core focus areas (see Proposals may address theoretical, methodological, or practical issues and may contain either qualitative or quantitative research that advances the scientific literature on social and behavioral aspects of occupational health. Submissions for special issues will undergo the normal peer review process with the scholar(s) who submitted the proposal typically serving as guest editor for the special issue. Special issues proposals should include (1) a description of the general area of interest and potential paper topics, (2) a justification of the need for the special issue, (3) a draft of the official call for papers, and (4) an anticipated timeline of events such as when the call would be issued, deadline for submissions etc. We encourage scholars considering submitting a proposal for a special issue to contact the journal’s Editor-in-Chief Dr. Robert R. Sinclair ( prior to submitting an official proposal.