Peer Review Process

Occupational Health Science is committed to providing authors with feedback that is timely, fair, civil, and constructive. Once a manuscript is submitted into the online editorial system, the editorial team makes an initial assessment on the submission’s fit with the journal’s mission, as well as its basic quality.  Then, submissions are assigned to an action editor who selects at least two suitably qualified peer reviewers to provide reviews. The review process is double blind; both reviewers and authors remain anonymous (prior to submission, manuscripts should be prepared for blind review by removing identifying information from the manuscript). The review process considers the quality of the contribution in relation to the article format selected from those above.  Reviewers also evaluate the manuscript relative to the following criteria: (1) Fit of the article with Occupational Health Science, (2) Quality of Writing, (3) Quality of Methods, (4) Implications for Scientific Advancement, and (5) Implications for Practice.  Articles should follow the most recent formatting/publication guidelines of the American Psychological Association.  The journal aims to have reviewers complete their reviews within 6 weeks of receiving the manuscript and to have editors make a decision within approximately 4 weeks of receiving the reviews.