Call for Papers on Topological Methods in Computer Science

Guest editors: Éric Goubault (École Polytechnique Paris, France) and Marian Mrozek (Jagiellonian University, Krakow, Poland)
APCT editor: Martin Raussen (Aalborg University, Denmark)

The last two decades have witnessed a fruitful interplay between certain qualitative ideas and methods from geometric and topological areas on one side and from aspects of theoretical computer science on the other. Simplicial and cubical models in distributed computing and in concurrency theory are amenable to investigations using methods from algebraic topology – with a twist! Similar developments have emerged with point of departure in logics and rewriting, often through the lens of higher category theory and/or connected to Homotopy Type Theory. In a different line of research, the analysis and investigation of (hybrid variants of) control systems and robotics profit from developments in classical and combinatorial versions of Conley and Morse theory. Moreover, topological methods significantly contributed to the emergence of rigorous numerics as part of computer science with fundamental implications for control problems. It turns out that quite different aspects and topics from Computer Science lead to similar models and lines of topological investigations.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to

  • Directed Topology and Higher Dimensional Automata
  • Decision Tasks in Distributed Computing through combinatorial algebraic topology
  • Simplicial models for Epistemic Logics
  • Higher Categories and Rewriting
  • (Directed) Homotopy Type Theory
  • Coordination of Sensor Networks via Topology
  • Robotics and Topology
  • Topological properties of continuous and combinatorial Dynamical Systems
  • Computer assisted proofs in dynamics based on topological methods

Deadline: January 31, 2023

Manuscripts should be prepared according to the submission guidelines of the journal.

All papers must be submitted to the journal's submission system. During the submission stage, please select "Yes" for the question "Does this manuscript belong to a special issue?" in Additional Information tab, then select a special issue "S.I. : Topological Methods in Computer Sciences".