Aims and scope

The Zeitschrift für Politikwissenschaft (ZPol) (“Journal of Political Science”) is a scientific journal for all approaches, directions, sub-disciplines and fields of political science. Each of the four issues puts the basics, theory and current practice as well as the critical discussion of scientific contributions at the forefront.

The core of the journal is constituted by the Aufsätze (“Original Papers”), which undergo a double blind peer review. In addition, the Forum contains analyses and evaluations of current relevant topics of political science from the perspective of the sub-disciplines of the subject. The editorial board encourages academic debate and critical discussion and welcomes commentaries and short analyses.

In the section Lehre und Forschung ("Teaching and Research”), the diverse developments and changes in higher education policy are discussed that severely impacted political science or will do so in the near future. In particular, the contributions help the subject locate itself in the turbulent times of the post-Bologna Process, while at the same time venturing to highlight current trends and explore new movements.

In addition, the Literaturbericht (“Review Papers”) section presents scientifically sound essays on central publications from the various sub-disciplines of political science with specific topical foci.