Chromosoma Editors' Profiles

New Content ItemCoffee & Conversation with Dr. Musa Mhlanga - April 2022

Dr. Mhlanga, currently a Professor in the Netherlands, has had a trailblazing trajectory as a pioneer in the super resolution microscopy field. Pondering his origins, Musa counts himself as lucky. His Zimbabwean (then Rhodesia) grandfather, who was educated at the only university in South Africa which permitted black people... Read more

Portrait Photo of Evi Soutoglou, Chromosoma Editor

Coffee & Conversation with Evi Soutoglou - March 2022

Evi Soutoglou, currently a Professor at the University of Sussex, grew up in the suburbs of the historic city of Athens in Greece. Her parents did not go to high school, her mother grew up in an orphanage, and despite being promised high school, was not allowed to attend school. Consequently, neither parent had exposure to science. Read more

New Content ItemCoffee & Conversation with Genevieve Almouzni - December 2021

Genevieve Almouzni was born in Algeria, and when she was only two, had to emigrate to the Alsace region of France due to the severe deterioration of the situation at home. As they started their life from scratch in a new home and culture, the immigrant family faced several challenges. Read more

New Content ItemCoffee & Conversation with Karolin Luger - December 2021

Karolin Luger grew up Dornbirn, near Lake Constance, ringed by the Alps. As a child, Karolin became fascinated with botany, planting local horse chestnuts and watching them grow. There were opportunities to study botany in Innsbruck, but also microbiology programs at the University of Innsbruck, which seemed a more promising career track. Read more