Call for Papers Related to COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic that began in 2019 poses a risk to well-being, livelihood, and human rights.  It has exacerbated existing health disparities experienced by traditionally oppressed groups including older adults, low-wage workers and those living in poverty, and people with underlying health conditions. However, the human rights implications go beyond this to widen other human rights gaps including the right to education, the right to free speech, and the right to a fair trial. Public policies and practices that intentionally or unintentionally favor positive outcomes for certain groups over others violate human rights and must be rectified.

The co-editors of the Journal of Human Rights and Social Work expect that these human rights violations will not pass with the first wave of the disease, but will rather continue to grow and/or come to light. As a result, rather than a one-time special issue of the journal, we invite authors to contribute relevant articles on a rolling basis for peer review.

All types of articles relating to policies and practices around COVID-19 are encouraged, so long as they share knowledge about addressing human rights in practice, research, policy, and advocacy as well as teaching about the implications of COVID-19 on human rights from around the globe. The journal encourages authors to submit articles that will educate readers about ongoing COVID-19 responses and plans, advance human rights using the human rights documents from the United Nations, present the types of monitoring and assessment taking place internationally and within the U.S., demonstrate rights-based practice approaches and techniques during COVID-19, and facilitate discussion of the implications of human rights tools and the framework for social work practice and COVID-19. Both standard articles (maximum 8,000 words) and Human Rights in Action pieces (maximum 3,000 words) are of interest.

Further information on the Journal of Human Rights and Social Work and instructions on how to submit a manuscript can be found on our website.