Eckart Marsch and Ilya G. Usoskin awarded with 2018 EGU medals

Former Living Reviews in Solar Physics editor Eckart Marsch and author Ilya G. Usoskin receive 2018 division medals from the European Geosciences Union

At the April 2018 EGU General Assembly in Vienna two Living Reviews authors have been honored: 

The 2018 Hannes Alfvén Medal is awarded to Eckart Marsch for fundamental contributions to our understanding of the kinetic processes and plasma turbulence in the heliosphere, as well as for work that helped HELIOS become a successful mission and initiated the Solar Orbiter. 

Eckart Marsch has been a founding editorial board member of Living Reviews in Solar Physics and is the author of an article on "Kinetic Physics of the Solar Corona and Solar Wind" [DOI]. 

The 2018 Julius Bartels Medal is awarded to Ilya G. Usoskin for his key contributions to long-term changes of cosmic rays and solar activity, qualifying him as a founder of the space climate discipline. 

Ilya G. Usoskin's 3rd edition of his review on "A history of solar activity over millennia" [DOI] was the most accessed Springer astronomy article of 2017 with more than 7,500 downloads.

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