EPS Solar Physics Division Prizes 2017

Manfred Schüssler, long-time editor of Living Reviews in Solar Physics, honored by European Physical Society

The EPS Solar Physics Division is delighted to present the first-ever, 2017 ESPD Prize winners:

(i)     PhD Thesis Prize to Dr. Clara Froment for significant contributions to the solar coronal heating problem in the course her PhD Thesis.

(ii)    Early Career Prize to Dr. Natasha Jeffrey for significant contributions to the physics of solar flares and for inspiring outreach activities.

(iii)   Senior Prize to Prof. Dr. Manfred Schüssler for his outstanding, life-long scholarship in solar physics, his fundamental contribution to the study of solar magnetic fields and his school-forming influence on generations of solar physicists.

The 2017 ESPD Prizes will be presented in the course of ESPM-15, during an award ceremony specifically designed for this event.

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