Thematic Collection Call for Papers

Exploring the link between early-life nutrition and chronic diseases in light of the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease Paradigm

Submission deadline: 30 June 2021

Guest Editor: Thomas Ong, PhD
University of São Paulo, Brazil
Noncommunicable diseases, also known as chronic diseases, are a major challenge for sustainable development, as recognized by the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development adopted at the United Nations Summit in September 2015. Prevention and treatment of this group of diseases are challenging as they exhibit a complex pathophysiology and might be caused or influenced by multiple factors, including environmental, microbiome, genetic, and epigenetic ones.

A promising approach to investigate how to prevent chronic diseases is the use of the Developmental Origins of Health and Disease (DOHaD) paradigm. This approach originated in studies by the British clinical epidemiologist David Barker (1938-2013) who first traced roots of chronic disease to early life. His ‘Barker hypothesis”, supported by epidemiological, clinical, and experimental data, proposes that early life experiences and exposures can program later life phenotype, including the risk for chronic diseases.

Nutrition is widely known as a key early-life factor that can impact embryonic, fetal, and neonatal development, through complex and multiple metabolic, cellular and genomic/epigenomic mechanisms. In this thematic collection, we aim to explore the multiple roles of Nutrition on the development of chronic diseases in the context of DOHaD paradigm. Authors are invited to submit reviews and original articles on the following topical areas (but not limited to):  

  • Maternal nutrition during preconception, gestation, lactation and DOHaD
  • Paternal nutrition during preconception and DOHaD
  • Nutrition during puberty and DOHaD
  • Public health, nutrition and DOHaD
  • Nutrition, epigenetics and DOHaD
  • Nutrition, microbiome and DOHaD
  • Bioactive food compounds and DOHaD
  • Nutrition, physical exercise and DOHaD
  • Nutrition, developmental biology and DOHaD
  • Nutrition, obstetrics, pediatrics and DOHaD

Manuscripts should be formatted according to the journal’s Instructions for Authors and submitted via the online submission system. For pre-submission inquiries please contact the journal.