Journal updates

  • Call for Papers: Ultra-high resolution remote sensing of crops using unmanned and manned airborne systems

    Authors are invited to contribute to this Special Issue on Ultra-high resolution remote sensing of crops by submitting research papers on the following topics:

    • UAV- or MAS-based crop monitoring in ultra-high spatial resolution (< 10 cm)
    •  Deriving non-destructive crop traits
    •  PhenotypingSensors (LiDAR, optical, hyperspectral, multispectral, SAR)
    • New platforms (UAVs, MASs)
    • Vegetation indices
    • Image classification
    • 3D point analysis
    • Machine learning approaches
    • Multisensor, multitemporal, multiresolution data
    • Integration and data fusion approaches
    • Applications from field experiments
    • Applications from farmers fields

    Guest Editors: Peter Krzystek from Munich University of Applied Sciences and Georg Bareth from Cologne University 

    Deadline for submitting papers is December 31st, 2021