Journal updates

  • Call for Papers: Advanced methods and applications in Remote Sensing for Forestry and Agroforestry.

    In this special issue, we would like to offer an unique compilation of original papers focusing on advanced methods in the field of remote sensing for forestry and agroforestry. In particular, we want to highlight new methods, techniques and applications that take advantage of the new opportunities of high-resolutional fused data and advanced analysis methods.

    Guest Editors: Peter Krzystek from Munich University of Applied Sciences and Georg Bareth from Cologne University.

    The deadline for submitting papers is June 30, 2021

  • Call for Papers: Ultra-high resolution remote sensing of crops using unmanned and manned airborne systems

    Authors are invited to contribute to this Special Issue on Ultra-high resolution remote sensing of crops by submitting research papers on the following topics:

    • UAV- or MAS-based crop monitoring in ultra-high spatial resolution (< 10 cm)
    •  Deriving non-destructive crop traits
    •  PhenotypingSensors (LiDAR, optical, hyperspectral, multispectral, SAR)
    • New platforms (UAVs, MASs)
    • Vegetation indices
    • Image classification
    • 3D point analysis
    • Machine learning approaches
    • Multisensor, multitemporal, multiresolution data
    • Integration and data fusion approaches
    • Applications from field experiments
    • Applications from farmers fields

    Guest Editors: Peter Krzystek from Munich University of Applied Sciences and Georg Bareth from Cologne University 

    Deadline for submitting papers is September 30th, 2021

  • Call for papers: Recent Developments in Multi-Media and Underwater Photogrammetry

    Contributions on the following topics are welcome:

    - 3D reconstruction from multi-media imagery
    - New sensor systems and platforms for 3D and 3D underwater imaging
    - Approaches and algorithms for sensor positioning and navigation under water
    - System design guidelines and standards
    - Sensor and system calibration
    - Underwater dynamic scene analysis
    - Machine learning
    - Innovative multi-media applications, case studies
    - Performance evaluations

    Deadline for online submission of manuscripts: 30th. September 2021

    Guest editors

    Prof. Dr. Thomas Luhmann, Jade University of Applied Sciences Oldenburg, Institute for Applied Photogram-metry & Geoinformatics, Ofener Str. 16, D-26121 Oldenburg, Germany, e-mail

    Prof. Dr. Hans-Gerd Maas, Technische Universität Dresden, Institute for Photogrammetry and Remote Sens-ing, Helmholtzstr. 10, D-01069 Dresden, Germany, e-mail: