Call for Papers: Ultra-high resolution remote sensing of crops using unmanned and manned airborne systems

Remote sensing of crop production systems changed significantly in the last decade. Data acquisition in ultra-high spatial resolution (< 10 cm) have been carried out using Unmanned Aerial Systems (UASs) also known as UAVs, Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) or drones, as well as Manned Aerial Systems (MASs) flying in low-altitude like airplanes, kites or gyrocopters. RGB, multi-, and hyperspectral sensors as well as laser scanning systems or thermal sensors have been operated for numerous studies and provide new research opportunities. Besides the ultra-high spatial resolution, UAVs and MASs enable multitemporal data acquisition in characteristic phenology stages which improves crop monitoring significantly. Furthermore, new data analysis workflows and application of machine or deep learning methods further improved non-destructive determination of structural and physiological crop traits. Research interest and applications are driven by crop production and phenotyping.

Remote Sensing is a key technology in precision agriculture applications and has the potential to derive demanded spatio-temporal data. Studies may cover the spatial scale from millimeters to 10 cm and time scales from days to seasons. Spectral (RGB, multi- or hyperspectral), ultrasonic, laser scanning, microwave, and/or stereo-photogrammetric approaches are of interest. Authors are invited to contribute to this PFG Special Issue by submitting research papers on the following topics:

  • UAV- or MAS-based crop monitoring in ultra-high spatial resolution (< 10 cm)
  •  Deriving non-destructive crop traits
  •  PhenotypingSensors (LiDAR, optical, hyperspectral, multispectral, SAR)
  • New platforms (UAVs, MASs)
  • Vegetation indices
  • Image classification
  • 3D point analysis
  • Machine learning approaches
  • Multisensor, multitemporal, multiresolution data
  • Integration and data fusion approaches
  • Applications from field experiments
  • Applications from farmers fields

All submitted manuscripts are subject to a peer-review according to the PFG-standards. The deadline for submitting papers is December 31st 2021.

Guest editors are Georg Bareth1 and Peter Krzystek2
(chairs of DGPF-WG “Remote Sensing Applications in Forestry and Agriculture”)
1University of Cologne, Institute of Geography, GIS & RS Group
2University of Applied Sciences Munich, Department of Geoinformatics