PFG Special Issue: Call for Papers on Proximal and Remote Sensing Methods to Monitor Grasslands

We're organizing a special issue on RS of Grasslands in 2020. to be published in PFG.

As an expert in this field, we would be pleased to receive a manuscript from your research team.

Manuscripts for the call should be submitted by the 20th of January 2020

Spatio-temporal heterogeneity in grasslands is a major issue. Floristic composition and related plant growth patterns vary largely over time and space. Status quo methods to support grassland management are Rising Plate Meters or Rapid Pasture Meters which do not capture spatially continuous data and are labor intensive. Therefore, the development of robust and flexible methods to support grassland monitoring and management are of interest. Remote Sensing is a key technology in Precision Agriculture applications and has the potential to derive demanded spatio-temporal data. Studies may cover the spatial scale from millimeters to 30 meters, and time scales from days to seasons. Spectral (RGB, multi- or hyperspectral), ultrasonic, laser scanning, microwave, and/or photogrammetric approaches are of interest. Authors are invited to contribute to this PFG Special Issue by submitting research papers on the following topics:

• Proximal sensing methods of grasslands with spectral, ultrasonic, or laser sensors • Remote sensing methods for grassland monitoring • Data acquisition with Manned or Unmanned Aerial Systems (MASs/UASs) in very high resolution (< 10 cm) for grassland monitoring • New sensing technologies for grassland management