Aims and scope

Polytechnica accepts authoritative research manuscripts that address current challenges and new trends in Engineering, and which combine problem analysis with state-of-the-art technological and innovative solutions to address society’s problems. Engineering topics can be approached from various points of view: historical, systemic or problem-based ones, covering new and emerging technologies and new formal developments.

Polytechnica encourages multi- and interdisciplinary studies that help to benefit researchers by conjoining Engineering with other fields, such as Communications, the Human Sciences, Natural Sciences, and Health Studies. Therefore, Polytechnica is committed to exploring paradigm shifts that, due to the broader perspective, could potentially change the future of technology and humankind.

Each issue of Polytechnica focuses on a specific problem of global impact, from an interdisciplinary perspective and while applying emerging technologies.

Polytechnica promotes a new perspective on research, committed to the development of new top-down engineering approaches, i.e., those focusing on society-wide problems rather than on consolidated engineering areas alone. As such, Polytechnica offers a fresh and valuable source of information for students, researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, and all those committed to the advancement of engineering.