Call for Papers! Special Issue: Humour, playfulness and entertainment in wellbeing.

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Guest Editors

Tracey Platt, University of Sunderland, UK
Sonja Heintz, University of Plymouth, UK  

Research illuminates the nuanced roles of humour, laughter, playfulness and entertainment in wellbeing and health. Humour has a distinct physiological response, can be considered a character strength, a means of coping and emotional regulation, and has subtle variations in expression and outcomes across cultures and contexts, for both the individual and their social groups. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the consequent upheaval of social systems and mass home isolation, there has been a surge in entertainment media consumption, including in new media such as memes.

Potential contributions

International Journal of Applied Positive Psychology is calling for manuscripts that share new knowledge on humour, laughter, playfulness and entertainment as it relates to well-being, quality of life, coping, and health. Studies of humour in relation to COVID-19 will be given priority, including the role of media consumption. The Special Issue welcomes empirical contributions, short reports, (theoretical) position papers, as well as reviews on these and other related topics from psychology and interdisciplinary collaborations.

Manuscript Submission

The review process will be similar to regular journal submissions where final decisions are based on peer review. Papers can be submitted via the online submisson portal, selecting the Special Issue SI - Humour, playfulness and entertainment in wellbeing, following the Submission Guidelines

Important Dates

January 31, 2021: Manuscript submission deadline
April 30, 2021: Final notifications to authors
September 2021: Expected publication date of the full special issue (after publication process, your article will be published Online First)

About the Guest Editors

Dr Tracey Platt is Principle Lecturer in the School of Psychology at the University of Sunderland (UK). Her research focuses on humour, gelotophobia (the fear of being laughed at), laughter, and emotions. 

Dr Sonja Heintz is Lecturer in Psychology at the University of Plymouth (UK). Her main research interests are individual differences in humour and positive traits and psychometrics. She has published more than 30 articles and book chapters on the topics of humour and comic styles, the sense of humour, humour appreciation, wellbeing, and character strengths.