Topical Collection: Harmonic Analysis on Combinatorial graphs

We invite you to see the articles published in this Topical Collection which reflect on the following themes:

(1) Analysis of combinatorial Laplace operators in function spaces on infinite combinatorial graphs which includes essential self-adjointness of the Laplace operator, the relevant L2-Liouville property, stochastic completeness, intrinsic metrics, volume grows, curvature, discrete Gauss-Green formula, Bratteli diagrams.

(2) Non-standard structures on the spectrum of a combinatorial Laplace operator of a finite graph; various constructions of a dual graphs and a dual shift operators on them.

(3) Hilbert frames in L2-spaces on general combinatorial graphs and in particular on Cayley graphs, digraphs and the permutahedron; frames generated by kernels.

(4) Paley-Wiener functions on graphs and manifolds; polynomials on fractals.

(5) Sampling, splines, interpolation; partition of unity methods and local graph basis function approximations.

(6) Low discrepancy sequence on graphs: ”equidistributed” sequences, graph designs, Leja points; quadrature formulas.

(7) Higher-order spectral clustering for geometric graphs.

(8) Polynomial control on weighted stability bounds and inversion norms of localized matrices on simple graphs.

(9) Applications of analysis on graphs to non-Euclidean-based manifold learning, to strategies for online prediction, to Ranked Data Analysis, and to angular synchronization.

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Guest Editors:
Isaac Pesenson (
Stefan Steinerberger ( )
Qiyu Sun (

To see the articles published in this Topical Collection, please click on the following link:

"Harmonic Analysis on Combinatorial graphs"

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