Call for Papers - Special Issue “The Spatial Dimensions of Race and Racial Inequality”

Spatial Demography (Springer Nature) is soliciting manuscripts for a forthcoming special issue entitled “The Spatial Dimensions of Race and Racial Inequality”.

Race and space are both critical dimensions of social processes, but the scholars focusing on critical conceptualizations of race (i.e., perspectives that move beyond the minimum of including a “race variable”) and those employing cutting-edge spatial methods often miss the contributions of the other.  The aim of this special issue is to bring these subfields in closer conversation with one another. The result will be a stronger body of work elucidating how race and space shape society.

We seek manuscripts that engage with questions that deal with race and/or ethnicity and simultaneously consider issues related to space and/or place.  Relevant topics may focus directly on the social construction of race and/or on how race relates to various aspects of inequality.  Similarly, spatial perspectives may enter into a topic either through the exploitation of space and the use of spatial methods, or through a critical understanding of place and how context relates to race and/or racial inequality.  We have made the coverage of this special issue intentionally broad in order to bring together the highest quality work dealing with race and space from a variety of perspectives. 

Please note that although spatial methods are currently viewed as primarily quantitative, scholars conducting relevant qualitative research are strongly encouraged to submit their manuscripts.

The special issue will be edited by Heather A. O’Connell (Guest Editor) and Stephen A. Matthews (Editor in Chief).  

The deadline for full submissions is June 30, 2020. 

Submit your manuscript through the Springer Editorial Manager system with a note on the cover letter – which should be included in the “additional comments” box on the final tab – stating that the submission is for consideration in the special issue on “The Spatial Dimensions of Race and Racial Inequality”.