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Vol. 14 Issue 3

Vol. 14 Issue 4

Schimpf, D.W., Peters, F.E. Variogram. Roughness Method for Casting Surface Characterization

Lau, S.M.Y., Eisenmann, D. & Peters, F.E. Development of an Image Analysis Protocol to Define Noise in Wet Magnetic Particle Inspection

Ammar, H.R., Samuel, A.M., Samuel, F.H. et al. The Concept of Quality Index and Its Application for Al–Si Cast Alloys 

Sigworth, G.K., Donahue, R.J. The Metallurgy of Aluminum Alloys for Structural High-Pressure Die Castings

Chakraborty, S., O’Malley, R.J., Bartlett, L. et al. Removal of Alumina Inclusions from Molten Steel by Ceramic Foam Filtration

Mackay, R., Elsayed, A. & Byczynski, G. Novel Approach to Thermal Processing Development for Precision Sand Casting Process (PSCP) of Aluminum Engine Blocks