Conferences and Workshops

AFS Metalcasting Congress 2021

For more than a century, Metalcasting Congress has shaped the future of foundries. From cutting-edge research to the latest breakthroughs to professional networking and business development, Metalcasting Congress is the foundry industry’s premier gathering in North America. Join us in Milwaukee on April 13-15 for Metalcasting Congress 2021, where we’ll celebrate the American Foundry Society’s 125th anniversary with technical management presentations from experts in their fields, exhibits from top suppliers and North American foundries, awards and honors for industry leaders, and so much more.

Conferences and Workshops

AFS offers members and industry personnel an extensive program of professional development and learning opportunities on a wide variety of topics covering all aspects of metalcasting including casting alloys and technologies, as well as events targeting EHS, management and marketing professionals. In addition, AFS is sponsoring several workshops and conferences focused on best practices and the latest metalcasting technical developments, metallurgy, production and safety.     

•    Sand Casting/Additive Manufacturing Conference (August 31-September 3, 2020): AFS has combined the sand casting and additive manufacturing conferences into one big event! Now, you can hear leading experts tell their stories in a single venue. The conference will cover everything related to sand casting and sand printing. The conference will focus on all technologies, metals and processes, and many case studies from foundries who have successfully incorporated 3D printing into their sand casting process. Topics will include green sand casting in different molding media, green sand additives, chemically bonded molds and cores, sand testing, refractory coatings, processes and equipment for 3D sand printing, printed hard tooling for sand casting and environment health and safety related issues. This conference is held in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and will include a tour of the 3D printing equipment and labs at the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

•    2020 Foundry Leadership Summit (September 20-22, 2020): Join us for North America’s premier event for leaders from foundries and supplier companies at the Resort at Squaw Creek in Lake Tahoe, California. The Foundry Leadership Summit features high-level speakers, industry roundtables, and presentations about issues important to metalcasting leaders, including industry innovation, public policies and economic forecasts.

•    2020 Practical Cupola Workshop (September 29-30, 2020): The Practical Cupola workshop presents a wide variety of cupola topics, including fundamental cupola operation and design, troubleshooting, operational control, refractories, and cupola safety. The course materials reflect the expertise of industry leading course instructors, who are cupola operators and suppliers of the AFS Cupola Technical Committee. Course materials cover the basics of the cupola as well as some moderately technical information.  This workshop is held in Rockford, Illinois, and is ideal for new operators, engineers, and operation supervisors.

•    Stormwater Compliance Seminar (October 4-5, 2020): The Stormwater Compliance Seminar provides attendees with in-depth, foundry-focused training related to stormwater compliance. Building on the fundamentals of the Clean Water Act, this seminar tackles the rapidly changing world of stormwater compliance, addressing both the regulatory and technical issues involved in meeting the complex requirements. This seminar will cover the current definition of the Waters of the United States.

•    2020 Environmental, Health & Safety Conference (October 6-8, 2020): Join us for the 32nd Annual EHS Conference held in Milwaukee. The EHS Conference is where you can meet up with old friends, network with new contacts, see the latest products vendors have available, and listen to cutting-edge information on a wide array of EHS topics. You can also become motivated anew as you listen to the keynote speaker and hear what other foundries are doing to become safer and greener.

•    Foundry 4.0 Digital Manufacturing in the Metalcasting Industry (June 8-9, 2021): What will a foundry look like in 10 years? The designation “4.0” is often used in reference to the next phase of the Industrial Revolution (the “Fourth Industrial Revolution”) and generally expresses the impact of smart manufacturing and the implementation of technology in manufacturing. This conference will focus on how digital manufacturing is affecting all areas of the casting process today, and how this will change the foundry of the future. Key seminar topics are data collection and management, data-driven decision making, artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, wearable technology, robotics, automation and cyber security, as well as the related issues of workforce development, recruiting, and training. The conference will include foundry case studies demonstrating how implementation of data collection, automation and digital technologies have changed and improved operations today.

Web-based Events

AFS also offers a series of technical webinars. Open to all industry personnel (offered at no-cost to AFS members), the web-based seminars provide relevant information presented by industry experts on a wide variety of metalcasting subjects. An archive of past webinars is also available. For a full listing of upcoming and past webinars, visit the ‘events’ tab on the AFS website at

Information & Registration

AFS educational events provide relevant and practical information to improve casting quality, productivity and profitability for metalcasting facilities and provide expertise in marketing and management issues. For more information, contact the AFS Technical Assistant, Kim Perna, 847/824-0181 x 246,, or Chief Technical Services Officer, Steve Robison at 800-537-4237 x227, For a full listing of AFS educational opportunities, visit the ‘events’ tab on the AFS website at;

•    Aug 31- Sep 3, 2020    Sand Casting/Additive Manufacturing Conference, Milwaukee, WI 

•    Sept 20-22, 2020        Foundry Leadership Summit, Lake Tahoe, CA

•    Sept 29-30, 2020        Practical Cupola Workshop, Rockford IL

•    Oct 4-5, 2020        Stormwater Compliance Seminar, Milwaukee, WI

•    Oct 6-8, 2020        AFS 32nd Environmental Health & Safety Conference, Milwaukee, WI

•    Oct 18-22, 2020        The 74th World Foundry Congress, Busan, Republic of Korea

•    May 25-26, 2021        2021 AFS Government Affairs Fly-In, Washington, DC

•    April 13-15, 2021        AFS Metalcasting Congress 2021, Milwaukee, WI

•    June 8-9, 2021        Foundry 4.0, Itasca, IL

•    April 23-26, 2022        CastExpo 2022, Columbus, OH