Topical Collection – Call for Papers: "Hydrogeoethics for Water Resources Management: Groundwater - Geoethics - Sustainable Society Nexus"

Groundwater is, by far, the most abundant and widespread source of liquid freshwater on the planet. In general, groundwater keeps being a disregarded subject by citizens, decision makers and even scientists in some way related to water resources, ignoring its interlinked and essential roles in the water cycle, the ecosystems, and the functioning of society. The wide diversity, scale, significance and increasing magnitude of the interactions of anthropogenic behaviour with aquifers and groundwater involves some degree of conflict of budgets, and also of values or interests, decisions and demands from the agents involved, call for a responsible and human approach to groundwater use and management. A concept change based on Responsible Integrated Water Resources Management is essential to characterize, evaluate, protect, operate and monitoring. Therefore, water resources investigations shall be based not only on sustainable technical-scientific studies but also on socioeconomic, cultural, heritage, and ethical challenges. In fact, the emerging field on hydrogeoethics for groundwater science and practice underlines the interlinkages with science, engineering, philosophy, law, sustainable environment, social sciences, culture and geoethics.


  • Improve readers’ understanding on the interrelated transdisciplinary fields of hydrogeology, sustainable water resources management, environmental law, social sciences, and geoethics
  • Enhance the understanding of water resources and geoethics in model regions that exemplify how hydrogeoethics can promote a more sustainable environment and better water resources management, within a geoethical framework
  • Discuss the latest advances in groundwater management and geoethics from diverse backgrounds and highlights the role of the climate change and societal pressures in water management systems

Submitting authors should select the “Hydrogeoethics in Water Resources” in the dropdown menu during the submission process. Manuscripts can be submitted until 31 October 2021. All manuscripts will be evaluated thoroughly through a single-blind peer-review process. Accepted papers will be published continuously in the journal (i.e. as soon as accepted) and will be listed directly one after the other on the topical collection section at the journal’s website. Research articles as well as review articles are welcome. Submitted manuscripts should not have been published previously, nor be under consideration for publication elsewhere. A guide for authors and other relevant information for submitting manuscripts are available at

Guest Editors
M. Abrunhosa (IAH-PC, Porto, Portugal)
A. Chambel (IAH & UÉ, Évora, Portugal)
S. Peppoloni (IAPG & INVG, Rome, Italy)
P. Ferraz de Matos (ICS, Lisbon, Portugal) 
A. Aragão (FDUC, Coimbra, Portugal) 
M. Petitta (La Sapienza RU, Rome, Italy)
H.I. Chaminé (ISEP & IAH-PC, Porto, Portugal)*

* [Handling Editor] 

Deadlines and key dates

1. Invitation by Guest Editors to the potential authors and best communications from GEOETH&GWM’20 ( and confirmation of the acceptance by authors. However, attendance to the conference is not mandatory and anyone interested in the topic can submit an original contribution: September 2020

2. Full manuscript submission deadline by authors: 31st May 2022

3. Production/Print publication of the SI: expected from September 2022 onwards