Call for Papers

Why publish with the Adolescent Research Review?

Adolescent Research Review publishes articles that review important contributions to the developmental understanding of adolescence. The Review draws from the many subdisciplines of developmental science, psychological science, education, criminology, public health,
medicine, social work, and other allied disciplines focusing on adolescence. The editors especially welcome articles that bridge gaps between disciplines or that transcend traditional disciplinary boundaries. Reviews must be cutting edge and appropriately comprehensive in the way that their analyses advance science, practice or policy relating to adolescents.

  • Create your brand – showcase your research agenda and contributions
  • Make work count – use your reviews conducted for grant proposals, theses, dissertations, foundations, think tanks, policy groups, courses, and other projects
  • Fully explore topics – the journal has no page limits after external review
  • Be creative – the journal supports all review genres appropriate for the reviewed materials (e.g., narrative, meta-analytic, theoretical, critical, impressionistic, “scoping”)
  • Be a trailblazer – lay the foundation for future research you care about
  • Get published quickly – reviews are rapid and production is exceedingly quick
  • Benefit from responsive editors – editors have solid track records for developing articles
  • Be part of something promising – the Review is on an aggressive campaign to develop its stature and contribution to the study of adolescence.
  • Get noticed – as a leading publisher, Springer actively markets your work

Contact the Editor-in-Chief:Roger J.R. Levesque, J.D., Ph.D., Indiana University
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