RETM calls for submissions to a Special Issue in tribute to Bob Langer and his 70th Birthday

We are pleased to announce that Regenerative Engineering and Translational Medicine will publish a two-volume Special Issue as a tribute to Bob Langer and his 70th Birthday.

The first volume is now complete and will be published soon. You can find those papers linked here. We are now ready to receive your contributions for the second volume. Please make sure to indicate in your cover letter that your paper is intended to be part of the Special Issue in honor of Bob Langer’s 70th Birthday. 

Your manuscript will be peer-reviewed expeditiously. In addition to being published in the journal, we will collect all contributions and highlight them in Virtual Volume(s) on the journal’s web page. These Virtual Volume(s) will remain visible and accessible. In addition, the corresponding authors of papers in the first volume will receive a commemorative edition of the volume.

The manuscript can be submitted via this link:

Once logged in as an author, during the submission process, under the tab "Additional Information," please answer "Yes" to the question "Does this manuscript belong to a special issue," and select "S.I.: TC: In Honor of Robert Langer's 70th Birthday - Vol 2"

Joachim Kohn, Jordan Green and Lakshmi Nair are the guest editors for this Special Issue and look forward to making the issue a wonderful tribute to Bob Langer and his work. Please note that RETM has a unique feature: every article published requires a lay abstract intended to be understandable by the public. This lay abstract gives the authors an opportunity to relate the manuscript to Bob’s work and to make a few comments on Bob’s influence on the author(s) and/or the work.