New Topical Collection with ICDLAIR 2020

We’re pleased to announce that ‘Technology and Economics of Smart Grids and Sustainable Energy’ will be publishing a Topical Collection entitled “Artificial Intelligence for Smart Grids”, in collaboration with 2nd International Conference on Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Robotics, (ICDLAIR) 2020. We look forward to publishing the best and most innovative papers from this conference.

Artificial Intelligence could support the evolution of existing electrical grids from static hierarchical systems to self-organising, highly-scalable, and pervasive networks. In this context, modern trends are oriented towards the employment of AI-based techniques for deploying advanced control, protection, and monitoring architectures that move away from the older centralized paradigm to systems distributed in the field,with an increasing pervasiveness of intelligent devices. These tools could lead to a more efficient task distribution among distributed energy resources and, consequently, to a meaningful improvement of electrical grid flexibility.

This Special Issue will be focused on the emerging technologies and methodologies of Artificial Intelligence for Smart Grids. Within this subject area, it will address many relevant topics ranging from methods for balancing resources to various control and security aspects. This Special Issue not only focuses on technological breakthroughs and roadmaps in implementing the technology, but also enables the much-needed sharing of best practices.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Fuzziness in Smart Grids computing
  • Adaptive techniques for renewable energy forecasting
  • Robust and proactive solutions for optimal power flow analyses
  • Fuzzy-based smart grids monitoring and control
  • Granular computing for uncertainty management in smart grids
  • Condition monitoring of power equipment
  • Self-organizing and decentralized paradigms for information processing