Journal updates

  • Outstanding Experts Newly Appointed as Co-Editor-in-chief and Executive Editor-in-chief of Urban Rail Transit

    Urban Rail Transit has been formally published for 7 years since its inception in 2015. To further improve academic quality and impact of the journal, the Honorary Editor-in-chief, Academician Zhongheng Shi, the Editor-in-chief, Professor Baoming Han, the Director of the Editorial Board, Professor Feng Chen discussed and decided to further strengthen and highlight core disciplinaries and unique features of the journal in the future. The attention will be paid to the development and promotion of two disciplinaries: Civil Engineering of rail transit, and Transit Oriented Development (TOD) based on urban rail transit. Therefore, after in-depth exchange and communication with editorial board members and experts in these two fields, the current EICs team decided to officially appoint Professor Liang Gao, an outstanding expert in the field of rail track structure and mechanics, as the Co-Editor-in-chief; Professor Chun Zhang, a rising scholar in the field of rail transit design and planning, as the Executive Editor-in-chief; and Professor Guoqing Cai, an expert in geotechnical and tunnel, as the Associated Director of the Editorial Board of Urban Rail Transit journal.

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