Aims and scope

The Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy aspires to be the reference publication in the area of sustainable metallurgy, revealing and interpreting the critical challenges industry and society are facing while actively contributing to their solutions.
Contributions are sought in presenting metallurgical processes and related research aimed at improving the sustainability of metal-producing industries, both from a unit operation and system point of view, with an emphasis on innovative approaches and solutions that minimize resource and energy consumption; improve materials recovery, reuse, and recycling; and ultimately minimize environmental impacts. Manuscripts that take a systemic, multidimensional approach where challenges and solutions are placed in a broader context, such as policy, economics, product-design, and value chains, are also considered.
The contributions published in the Journal of Sustainable Metallurgy are to be original and of high potential impact, ideally thought-provoking or game-changing with an articulated and quantified relation to sustainability in the broader sense, supporting the field/industry/sector in its transition to climate neutrality and circularity, and fulfillment of the United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. The contributions should demonstrate apparent depth of scientific analysis with data generated through transparent and reproducible processes, based on experiments, field-testing, simulation, and data analysis, that can be repeated or verified by others. This implies that the articles should include sufficient data/information or a link to an online repository where the raw data are and will remain accessible.
The journal supports Review Articles, Research Articles, Short Communications, Letters to the Editor, Opinion Articles, and Thematic Articles. Further details are available in the journal’s submission guidelines.