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Dynamics of Phase Fronts During High-Driving-Force Transformation of Shape Memory Alloy Wires

Applying Full-Field Measurement Techniques for the Thermomechanical Characterization of Shape Memory Alloys: A Review and Classification

Lattice Defects Generated by Cyclic Thermomechanical Loading of Superelastic NiTi Wire

Phase Stability of Three Fe–Mn–Al–Ni Superelastic Alloys with Different Al:Ni Ratios

Crystallography of Fe–Mn–Al–Ni Shape Memory Alloys

Processing and Scalability of NiTiHf High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys


Phase Transformation Graph and Transformation Pathway Engineering for Shape Memory Alloys

Variability of Twin Boundary Velocities in 10M Ni–Mn–Ga Measured Under μs-Scale Force Pulses

Investigation and Composition Characterization of a “NiTi-like” Alloy Combining High Temperature Shape Memory and High Entropy

The Effect of Increasing Chemical Complexity on the Mechanical and Functional Behavior of NiTi-Related Shape Memory Alloys

Relationship Between Functional Fatigue and Structural Fatigue of Iron-Based Shape Memory Alloy FeMnNiAl

Effects of Ni and Co on Phase Transformation and Shape Memory Effect of Ti–Pd–Zr Alloys


B2 ⇒ B19′ ⇒ B2T Martensitic Transformation as a Mechanism of Plastic Deformation of NiTi

In-Situ TEM Stress Induced Martensitic Transformation in Ni50.8Ti49.2 Microwires

Fabrication and Characterization of Freestanding NiTi Based Thin Film Materials for Shape Memory Micro-actuator Applications

The Role of Parent Phase Compliance on the Fatigue Lifetime of Ni–Ti

Effects of Temperature on Fatigue Crack Propagation in Pseudoelastic NiTi Shape Memory Alloys

Tensile Deformation of Superelastic NiTi Wires in Wide Temperature and Microstructure Ranges


Cyclic Properties of Superelasticity in Cu–Al–Mn Single-Crystalline Sheets with Bainite Precipitates

H-Phase Precipitation and Martensitic Transformation in Ni-rich Ni–Ti–Hf and Ni–Ti-Zr High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloys

Influence of Structure and Microstructure on Deformation Localization and Crack Growth in NiTi Shape Memory Alloys

Diffusive Phenomena and the Austenite/Martensite Relative Stability in Cu-Based Shape-Memory Alloys

Frontiers of Theoretical Research on Shape Memory Alloys: A General Overview


A Tribute to Professor Jan Van Humbeeck: A Lifetime of Contributions to Understanding Martensite

Properties of Cu-Based Shape-Memory Alloys Prepared by Selective Laser Melting

Superelasticity and Shape Memory Behavior of NiTiHf Alloys

Martensitic Transformation and Superelasticity in Fe–Mn–Al-Based Shape Memory Alloys

Thin NiTi Films Deposited on Graphene Substrates

Magnetic Torque in Single Crystal Ni–Mn–Ga


Several Issues in the Development of Ti–Nb-Based Shape Memory Alloys

Understanding the Thermodynamic Properties of the Elastocaloric Effect Through Experimentation and Modelling

Critical Stresses for Twinning, Slip, and Transformation in Ti-Based Shape Memory Alloys

Cyclic Degradation of Co49Ni21Ga30 High-Temperature Shape Memory Alloy: On the Roles of Dislocation Activity and Chemical Order

Deformation Mechanisms and Biocompatibility of the Superelastic Ti–23Nb–0.7Ta–2Zr–0.5N Alloy