Call for Papers - Special Issue on Pandemic Crisis and the Economy

Editors: Christopher F Baum, Gokhan Karabulut, Dorothea Schäfer and Andreas Stephan

Deadline July 1, 2020

The World is in a pandemic crisis. States, multilateral organizations and citizens are in urgent need for strategies to fight, cope with and ease the pandemic as well as to protect their societies and economies during and after the crisis. The challenge is global and huge. For many societies, the current pandemic crisis is the largest challenge since the Second World War.

This Special Issue of the Eurasian Economic Review (EAER) addresses this exceptional challenge. We welcome conceptionally, empirically or theoretically substantiated contributions, including generalizable case studies and literature surveys that meet the general criteria of Eurasian Economic Review, and deal with the topic Pandemic Crisis and the Economy. The following areas are of particular interest for this EAER-Special Issue (but our interest is not limited to them):

  • Health / Health systems and the economy 
  • The fight against pandemic
  • The economics of shut down
  • The role of the state in pandemic crisis
  • Contagion effects of pandemic crisis
  • Pandemic crisis and climate crisis
  • Pandemic and employment 
  • Pandemic crisis and wealth distribution
  • Private households and pandemic crisis
  • Trust and pandemic
  • Global competitiveness and pandemic
  • The role of multilateral economic organization in a pandemic crisis
  • The role of national and international development banks in pandemic crisis
  • Pandemic and financial markets
  • European Union, the Euro Area and the pandemic 
  • Emerging markets and the pandemic
  • Pandemic crisis and sovereign debt
  • Banks-Sovereign States Nexus and pandemic
  • Long-term socio-economic effects of the pandemic crisis
  • Economic history of pandemic crisis
  • Pandemic crisis and great financial crisis: similarities and differences
  • Pandemic crisis and macroeconomic developments
  • The relationship of state and markets to overcome the pandemic
  • Cross-country studies of pandemic impact on the economy

The deadline for submission is July 1, 2020. The Eurasian Economic Review welcomes policy advice. Therefore, political implications of the analyses should be presented and discussed.

Authors are advised to seek guidance for Eurasian Economic Review from the following URL:

Each full paper submission will be blind reviewed by at least one referee and one of the guest editors. Manuscripts should be submitted electronically through and authors should mention in the Cover Letter to the Editors that the paper is submitted for the Special Issue Pandemic Crisis and the Economy. They are also requested to select the SI Title from the relevant drop-down menu during the submission process.

Requests for further information should be addressed to Professor Dr. Dorothea Schäfer, Editor-in-Chief of EAER,