Aims and scope

This peer-reviewed journal, established in 1973, uses the lenses of industrial and business economics to investigate issues relevant to scholars, managers and policy makers.
The key areas of interest of JIBE are: industrial organization and policy; international business and international economics; innovation and entrepreneurship; corporate governance and finance.
Within these key areas, JIBE pays special attention to topics relating to grand challenges in a transforming world. A non exhaustive list of current issues includes: emergent technologies and industry dynamics; the digitalization of industries and financial markets; evolving multinationals and global value chains; environmental change and green transition; sustainable development of emerging economies; competition, regulation and structural policies in the platform economy.  
JIBE welcomes papers that combine advancements in the theoretical understanding of phenomena with rigorous, systematic and original evidence-based empirical analysis, using quantitative or qualitative approaches as well as experimental and mixed methods.
The journal is open to industry-, firm- and individual-level analyses, while the geographic scope may vary from subnational regions to nations and supra-national contexts, with a particular consideration of the EU and other integration processes.
The journal also publishes special issues and symposia aimed at opening debate among scholars on specific topics and discovery-type papers on emerging issues in industrial and business economics.
The journal is owned by the Associazione Amici di Economia e Politica Industriale.