Aims and scope

Experimental Techniques is an interdisciplinary publication of the Society for Experimental Mechanics focusing on state-of-the-art technical innovations, sophisticated applications and developments in experimental mechanics and dynamics.

• Presents articles advancing the state-of-the-art in measurement and experimental data analysis technologies in structural mechanics and dynamics.
• Furthers understanding of static and dynamic behavior of materials, structures and systems.
• Presents developments and applications of hybrid experimental-analytical methods in structural mechanics and dynamics.
• Provides physical observations necessary to improve and assess new analytical and computational approaches.
• Presents innovative methodologies for experimental mechanics and dynamics.

This journal covers new and important experimental mechanics techniques, with articles on practical applications of experimental mechanics and innovative techniques for creating engineering solutions. It is an official journal of the Society for Experimental Mechanics.

Experimental Techniques publishes outstanding, original research articles in areas including, but not limited to, the following: acoustics, biological materials and systems, composite materials, computer vision/digital image correlation, sensors and data acquisition, dynamic testing and data analysis, signal processing and modal parameter estimation, fatigue, fluid mechanics, fracture mechanics, holography, impact/shock analysis, joints and connections, material behaviors, non-destructive testing, optical methods, residual stresses, statistical analysis, in-situ testing and monitoring, thermal methods, uncertainty quantification.