Call for Papers

Current Pollution Reports –– Call for Critical Review Articles in Agricultural Ecosystems

Current Pollution Reports (; Impact Factor 3.762) is calling for letters of intent for critical reviews focused on Agricultural Ecosystems. Agriculture is the most dominating land use in most watersheds in the world, and thus, contributes the greatest amount of pollutants (nutrients, carbon, sediment, pesticides) into receiving environment (soil, air, water).

We welcome letters of intent that focus on critical reviews of soil, water, air pollution issues in agricultural ecosystems. Example topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

  • The behavior of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus in soil-water-plant-atmosphere continuum.
  • The transport of carbon, nitrogen, phosphorus, sediment, and pesticides from soil to water.
  • Biogeochemistry of carbon, nitrogen, and phosphorus in crop production systems.
  • Long-term agricultural and ecological studies focused on various contaminants in agricultural ecosystems.
  • Connections of nutrient management and water quality in agricultural ecosystems.
  • Pesticides and organic contaminants behavior and transport in agricultural soils receiving various organic wastes (manures, biosolids, residuals).

Authors interested in publishing a critical review are requested to submit a short letter of intent, with the following information by 31 March 2020. The letters of intent will be evaluated by Section Editors in consultation with Editorial Board members. The selected authors will be informed by 30 April 2020. Full manuscripts will be due for submission between 31 August 2020 and 28 September 2020.

Letter of Intent Template: Submit one-page Word file with the following information to Alex Phucas (

  1. Title
  2. Category (select one): Soil, Water, Air
  3. Example topic of interest
  4. Tentative list of authors (include affiliations)
  5. Tentative title of the review article
  6. Summary/Scope of the review article (<100 words)

Please contact Dr. Dibyendu Sarkar ( or Dr. Gurpal Toor ( for any technical questions.