Aims and scope

Aims: The goal of this journal is to provide concentrated, evidence-based information in the field of trauma through authoritative reviews. It has become almost impossible for the average physician to keep up with the flood of information that is published in numerous medical journals or the internet. Original articles, although often important or even ground-breaking, have typically a narrow focus and on occasions lack scientific rigor. Whereas physicians are encouraged to spend the necessary time reviewing critically the methodology and results of an original article, their fast-paced professional lives allow limited opportunities to do so. Therefore, the need for thoughtful, well-constructed, and comprehensive reviews has increased in our times more than ever before. Our new journal intends to do what the average reader cannot afford doing. It intends to summarize the pertinent information, exclude the irrelevant details, and offer thorough, clinically-focused reviews. We have summoned true experts from around the world to contribute these reviews, based on their detailed analysis of the literature and rich personal experience. We hope that this information will be readily useable and help shape the practice of those who read it.

Scope: Our journal is about trauma. It will include every possible blunt or penetrating traumatic injury in any part of the body. It will describe diagnostic and therapeutic strategies, operative and non-operative alike. It will present treatment algorithms and caution about pitfalls and complications. It will compare outcomes, as shown in the literature, and make evidence-based recommendations about preferred pathways. Besides the strict focus on traumatic diseases and their treatment, it will also expand on broader issues related to injury prevention and rehabilitation. All in all, we expect that the scope of the journal will cover everything that has to do with trauma.