Developments in Commutative Algebra: In honor of Jürgen Herzog on the occasion of his 80th Birthday

Jürgen Herzog is one of the most accomplished researchers in the modern developments of commutative algebra. He has produced more than 230 original research papers and is cited more than 6650 times by approximately 2150 authors. In honor of his great achievements, we look forward to publishing a special issue commemorating his 80th birthday and honoring his influence on the field of commutative algebra and mathematics in general.

Considering the potential broad readership of the special issue and to give researchers of all experiences a quick overview of the current trends of commutative algebra, it is planned that, in addition to original research papers, well-written expository survey articles will be solicited and welcome for submission. Topics for survey articles, which should be naturally related with the work of Jürgen Herzog, include component wise linear ideals, representation theory and commutative algebra, syzygies of monomial ideals, combinatorics on edge ideals, binomial edge ideals, asymptotic behavior of powers of ideals, numerical semigroups, blowup algebras. Furthermore, to enhance the significance of the existence of the special issue, an article entitled ``The 100 Years of Commutative Algebra and the Work of Jürgen Herzog" will be published.

Submission Deadline: December 31, 2021

Guest Editor: Takayuki Hibi, Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Osaka University,

Submission Procedure:

Papers should be submitted at the Research in the Mathematical Sciences website:

  • Select Article Type: Manuscript
  • Upload your files: When the system asks, "Does this manuscript belong to a special issue?" reply: Yes, then choose the option “Developments in Commutative Algebra: In honor of Jürgen Herzog on the occasion of his 80th Birthday.” Complete the submission process as required

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