Call for Papers: Special Issue on Digital Transformation

Edited by Mark Wahrenburg (Goethe-Universität Frankfurt) and Thomas Gehrig (Universität Wien, Editor-in-Chief)

With this Special Issue on “Digital Transformation”, Business Research invites submissions that contribute to the theme of the Annual Conference of the German Academic Association for Business Research (VHB) in Frankfurt, March 17-20, 2020. The main topic of the conference, as well as the Special Issue, address the enormous changes and challenges that digitalization brings to society, economy and academic research. The Special Issue intends to provide a platform to illustrate the impact of digital transformation in various areas of business administration, as well as to facilitate critical reflection on the topic. Papers considered for the Special Issue may focus on topics including, but not limited to, the following: How should business research react to the new developments in digital technology? Which possibilities can e.g. Big Data present for advancing business research? Which risks present themselves? How does digital transformation impact companies and markets? Which opportunities and challenges arise (e.g., due to Artificial Intelligence)? What are the ethical implications of new digital technologies in research and practice? How does trust in humanmachine-interaction evolve and how does it compare to interpersonal trust? We welcome theoretical, empirical, and methodological contributions (including case studies) from all fields of business administration that address aspects related to the conference theme. All contributions should clearly state the implications for future business research. Business Research commits a first set of reports prior to the conference by February 2020 such that potentially revised versions can be presented and discussed with the scientific community at the Annual Conference. A presentation of the paper at the Annual Conference in Frankfurt would be most welcome but is not mandatory.

Submission guidelines and deadlines 

All manuscripts must follow the guidelines of the Business Research, which are available at:
Manuscript submission for the review process will be done in the Editorial Manager of Springer at the following website Please, mention explicitly “Special Issue – VHB 2020” in the comment section.

Submission deadline: 15 October 2019
First reports committed before: 31 January 2020
Final revisions due: 30 September 2020
Expected publication date: December 2020 

Inquiries for the Special Issue should be sent by email to the coordinating Business Research Guest Co-Editor Mark Wahrenburg (, or to the Editor-inChief Thomas Gehrig (