Aims and scope

International Journal of Precision Engineering and Manufacturing-Green Technology accepts original contributions on all aspects of green manufacturing. The journal's specific focus areas include, but are not limited to:  

  1. Energy Saving and Waste Reduction in Manufacturing Processes
    1.1 Subtractive Processes (Machining, Grinding, Laser, Non-traditional Machining, etc)
    1.2 Additive Processes (Welding, Bonding, 3D Printing, R2R, etc)
    1.3 Material Transform Processes (Forming, Casting, etc)
    1.4 Material Trans-property Processes (Heat Treatment, Surface Treatment, etc)
    1.5 Hybrid Processes
    1.6 Multi-scale Processes
  1. Manufacturing of New and Renewable Energy Devices
    2.1 Solar/PV
    2.2 Wind/Wave/Hydro
    2.3 Hydrogen
    2.4 Bio
    2.5 Fuel Cell
    2.6 Battery and Capacitor
    2.7 Energy Harvesting
  1. Design and Manufacturing of Green Products
    3.1 Machinery (H/W, S/W, Process Planning, etc)
    3.2 Automobile (Hybrid, Electric Vehicle, etc)
    3.3 Robots (H/W, S/W, Biomimetic, etc)
    3.4 Electronics/Display
    3.5 Design for Manufacturing (DFM, DFE, DFA)
    3.6 Product Using Appropriate Technology
  1. Materials for Green Manufacturing
    4.1 Lightweight Materials and Structures
    4.2 Muti-functional Materials
    4.3 Eco-Friendly Materials
    4.4 Bio/Recyclable Materials
    4.5 Energy Harvesting/Conversion/Storage Materials
    4.6 Functionally Graded Materials and Structures for Energy Saving
    4.7 Smart Materials and Systems
    4.8 Micro-/Nano-materials for Green Applications
  1. Management and Policy for Sustainable Manufacturing
    5.1 LCA/EIA
    5.2 Energy Monitoring and Control
    5.3 Energy and Environment Management
    5.4 Government Policy and Strategy
    5.5 Green Factory
    5.6 Smart Grid and Smart Meter