International Association of Medical Science Educators

IAMSE (International Association of Medical Science Educators) is a nonprofit professional development society organized and directed by health professions educators whose goals include promoting excellence and innovation in teaching, student assessment, program evaluation, instructional technology, human simulation, and learner-centered education. The mission of IAMSE is to advance health profession education through teacher development and to ensure that the teaching and learning of medical science continues to be firmly grounded in foundational sciences and the best practices of teaching. IAMSE strives to achieve this by:providing multidisciplinary, interprofessional and cross-cultural forums for discussion of issues affecting medical science education and educators;designing and evaluating current and innovative means to teach the sciences fundamental to health professions, and sharing the results for the development of all health professions educators and;serving as an international voice to enhance appreciation of the crucial role of medical sciences in health and health care.