Call for Papers

Special Issue of JCAT:  Developmental perspectives on trauma and posttraumatic stress in childhood and adolescence: Implications for the next generations of the ICD and DSM diagnostic systems

Guest editor: Patricia K. Kerig

Overarching summary: Although a rich body of empirical evidence and clinical observation has substantiated that there are important developmental differences in the types of traumatic stressors that affect children and adolescents, as well as in the expression and phenomenology of posttraumatic stress symptoms across developmental stages, neither the revised ICD nor DSM diagnostic criteria incorporate a truly developmentally-informed outlook. To address this gap, this special issue will bring together a set of contributors who are at the cutting-edge of conceptualizing and researching trauma and posttraumatic stress from a developmentally-informed perspective. Each article will offer a theoretically-rich conceptualization of a specific dimension of trauma as viewed through a developmental lens, will discuss the implications for the next generation of revisions to the ICD and DSM diagnostic systems, and will propose an agenda for future research to confirm these developmental frameworks.

Of particular interest are contributions that take an international perspective and those that discuss the ICD-11 diagnoses of PTSD and CPTSD as applied to children and adolescents.

Prospective contributors are encouraged to first contact the Guest Editor Patricia K. Kerig ( to discuss their potential submissions. Those providing a good fit to the planned special issue will be invited to submit a 300-500-word abstract or outline for further consideration.

Timeline: For publication in the December issue, submissions of full manuscripts will be due at the beginning of July to allow time for reviews and revisions. Manuscripts will be submitted to the JCAT online portal and will be formatted according to the author guidelines (i.e., APA format, for blind review). Manuscripts should be no more than 40 pages.