Home haemodialysis: a topical collection

Guest Editors: Giorgina Piccoli, Hafedh Fessi, John Agar

Home haemodialysis is the phoenix of dialysis treatments, as beautiful and elusive as the mythological creature whose ability to rise from its own ashes it shares. Originally conceived as a way to allow patients not accepted for hospital dialysis to obtain treatment, it transformed the “worst” patients into the “best”, allowing them to lead “nearly normal” lives. After being widely used in highly developed countries, such as Australia and Canada, where distances make it difficult to travel between home and hospital, it was rediscovered as a means to reinvest in better dialysis schedules (daily, nightly) and has shown that the efficiency of dialysis may be too low for young patients (as was seen in pregnant patients on long nightly dialysis) and tolerance too low for elderly ones (the advantages of short daily dialysis). It is now a part of our history. Home haemodialysis can cut costs and increase the availability of dialysis. It underlines the importance of patient empowerment and of tailored solutions.Yet its diffusion is limited, and we have therefore planned the present topical collection to gather practical insights into “how to do it”, dedicated to the physicians who already do, as well as to those who wish to embark upon this fascinating experience, and to their patients. Please open the drawers of your filing cabinet, take out your notes, switch on your PC, and share your experience.

Home haemodialysis