Obstetric Nephrology: a topical collection

Guest Editors: Giorgina Piccoli and Gianfranca Cabiddu

The Topical Collection “Obstetric Nephrology” collects papers dedicated to obstetric nephrology, in an attempt to contribute to the development of this field, with the specific aim of offering practical insights and critical contributions capable of helping clinicians in the management of these “exceptional exceptions”. Obstetric nephrology has recently shifted from the description of very rare cases, to the development of a complex new and fascinating branch of medicine, that counterbalances obstetricians’ usually optimistic outlook by focusing on subtle challenges posed by chronic diseases, and mitigate the frequently grim approach of nephrologists with a message of hope: women with kidney disease can have the same basic life goals as healthy women their age.Although studies relating to kidney disease in pregnancy are being published more frequently, not all questions have been considered or answered, and clinicians are often challenged by a lack of detailed information and practical guidelines.The Topical collection will contain a variety of articles ranging from treatises on specific topics to case reports that demonstrate a principle or stimulate discussions relevant to management of our patients.

The following topics will be covered

  • acute kidney diseases in pregnancy, including preeclampsia and its short- and long-term effects on kidney function;
  • chronic kidney diseases in pregnancy, optimally including both their diagnosis and clinical management;
  • ethical issues in obstetric nephrology.

Obstetric Nephrology