Journal updates

  • Most cited paper award

    The Journal of Nephrology Most Cited Article Award 2019  was awarded to Johan Vande Walle, Yahsou Delmas,Gianluigi Ardissino Jimmy Wang John F. Kincaid, Herman Haller, Improved renal recovery in patients with atypical hemolytic uremic syndrome following rapid initiation of eculizumab treatment J Nephrol (2017) 30: 127

  • Obstetric Nephrology: a topical collection

    The Topical Collection “Obstetric Nephrology” collects papers dedicated to obstetric nephrology, in an attempt to contribute to the development of this field, with the specific aim of offering practical insights and critical contributions capable of helping clinicians in the management of these “exceptional exceptions”.

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  • Home haemodialysis: a topical collection

    Home haemodialysis is the phoenix of dialysis treatments, as beautiful and elusive as the mythological creature whose ability to rise from its own ashes it shares ...