Call for Papers: Advancing Ethics and Behavior Analysis with Data

Guest Editors: Matthew T. Brodhead, David J. Cox

Behavior Analysis in Practice seeks manuscripts for a special issue on the topic of taking a data-based approach to describing, analyzing, or understanding ethical behavior in practicing behavior analysts. The goal of this special issue is to highlight, promote, and encourage a variety of works on the nascent topic of ethical behavior of practicing behavior analysts. We are seeking conceptual and discussion papers relevant to the new Ethics Code for Behavior Analysts, which becomes active on January 1, 2022.  Such papers should help “move the needle” on ethical decision making rather than provide commentary on the new standards.  In addition, we are challenging authors to take a data-based approach to analyzing and understanding ethical behavior in the practice of behavior analysis.  

In an effort to encourage such work, we seek empirical studies, data-based descriptions of practice settings, teaching ethical conduct and decision making skills, translational research, secondary data analyses, surveys with appropriate statistical analyses, rigorous literature reviews, or evaluations using open and publicly available data sets. In order to ensure the special issue has a balance between discussion and data-based papers, discussion and conceptual papers must be pre-approved by the guest editors, Dr. Matt Brodhead and Dr. David Cox prior to submission. If you have an idea for a discussion or conceptual paper, please reach out to the guest editors prior to submitting to the special issue. Data-based submissions do not require prior approval by the guest editors to be considered for publication in the special issue. 

In an effort to encourage data-based papers, we created a submission deadline with enough latency to allow for data collection.  Conceptual and discussion papers that are submitted prior to the deadline may be reviewed and published in early view as they come in so that issues relevant to the new code are made available more immediately to the field.  These papers will be available on early view until the special issue is complete, at which time they will be published in the special issue with the data-based studies. Please direct any questions and queries to the guest editors.

Submission Deadline: Manuscripts due by September 1, 2022, with an eye towards the entire issue being completed in early to mid 2023.