Call for Papers: Precision Teaching: Discovery and Applications

Precision Teaching: Discoveries and Applications

At the heart of any science is measurement. Precision teaching offers behavior analysts a system of measurement that focuses on dimensional quantities of behavior, standardized visual displays of data on the standard celeration chart, and precise decision-making based on those data. This system of measurement has led behavior analysts to many discoveries about human behavior and, in turn, has led to the successful application of behavioral principles to make meaningful and lasting change in people’s lives. Given the breadth of areas that use the standard celeration chart, the journal Behavior Analysis in Practice is currently soliciting submissions for a special section on precision teaching.

Types of papers appropriate for submission include applications of the standard celeration chart to the wide-ranging areas in which behavior analysts practice including, but not limited to, education, autism treatment, staff training, human performance, speech pathology, instructional design and delivery, law enforcement, physical therapy, inner behavior, nursing, business, rehabilitation, the military, PTSD, suicide, and physical activity. While emphasis will be on empirical papers with single case designs, case studies using inductive-based approaches for discoveries and applications, as well as tutorials and theoretical papers are also highly encouraged.

Behavior Analysis in Practice is privileged to have Dr. Andrew J. Bulla, Dr. Mary Sawyer, and Dr. Abigail B. Calkin serves as the Guest Editors for the special issue. Manuscripts must be submitted by October 15, 2019.