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  • Will self-driving cars curb a deadly impulse?

    This provocative paper ventures that autonomous vehicles could be configured to curb a dangerous human impulse: the “willingness to sacrifice” (WTS) numerous lives to save one’s own. Click heading to preview / download! 

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  • Open Access: Shopping...with big data and AI

    While big data & AI-driven algorithms can help shoppers, finds this influential article, they also threaten our sense of autonomy, "the absence of which can be detrimental to consumer well-being." Click heading to read!

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  • Open Access: Decision-making with multiple goals

    Decision-making can be hard at the best of times. When we're pursuing numerous important goals at once, it's even harder. Our Open Access paper on "Individuals’ Decisions in the Presence of Multiple Goals" dives into this deeply difficult dynamic. Click heading to read!

  • Open Access: What's different about emerging markets?

    "While there may be differences in consumer needs and solutions across developed markets, say between New York City and Salt Lake City, or between the US and Germany, these differences pale in comparison to those....across Manila, Mombasa, Mumbai, and Moscow." Click heading to read!

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