Forthcoming special issue: "Data, Dollars, and Votes: The Intersection of Politics and Marketing"

Many of the most important issues in the world relate to the intersection of marketing and politics. In the past couple of years we have seen allegations that Russia sought to use sophisticated marketing techniques to undermine Western Democracies. Consumers have actively sought to use their buying power to influence the political stances of companies and even states. How social media deals with political messages and the related issues of consumer privacy are topics debated at the highest levels.

Customer Needs and Solutions will publish a special issue on "Data, Dollars, and Votes: The Intersection of Politics and Marketing." The issue will bring together novel, stimulating perspectives on political marketing, which we hope will inform future scholarship in this field and help to shape research agendas.

Guest-Edited by David Schweidel (Emory University, USA) and Neil Bendle (Western University, Canada).