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Mitochondrial communication in the context of aging, K. Lefkimmiatis, F. Grisan, L. F. Iannucci, N. C. Surdo, T. Pozzan & G. Di Benedetto 

Why data on frailty and SARS-CoV-2 infection are basic to progress, A. Zucchelli, E. Bologna & A. Marengoni 

Prevention of the spread of multidrug-resistant organisms in nursing homes, M. Tinelli, G. Tiseo & M. Falcone for the ESCMID Study Group for Infections in the Elderly

Role of bone-forming agents in the management of osteoporosisM. R. McClung 

Management of glucocorticoid-induced osteoporosisO. D. Messina, L. F. Vidal, M. Vidal Vidal, I. E. M. Bultink, H. G. Raterman & W. Lems