Topical Collections


Guest Editor: Dr. Giuliano Tocci (

The aim of the Topical Collection is to collect data on hypertension prevalence, awareness, treatment and control in various countries all over the world. This includes epidemiological studies and clinical surveys with a specific focus on high blood pressure and associated cardiovascular risk factors and comorbidities, to provide an updated estimation on the burden related to hypertension and cardiovascular disease. With this aim, the purpose of the Editor is to improve physicians’ awareness and attention on the dimension of the so-called “hypertension paradox”, that is the persistently high proportion of uncontrolled high blood pressure levels in patients who are aware or not of their hypertensive status.Authors are welcomed to submit new papers.

Authors and Editors can send proposals for new Topical Collections to the Editor in Chief, Professor Massimo Volpe or to Senior Deputy Editor, Dr. Giuliano Tocci.

Keywords: Hypertension prevalence, hypertension awareness, hypertension treatment, hypertension control, blood pressure control rates, blood pressure targets, observational studies, clinical surveys.


Guest Editor: Prof. Agostino Virdis (

This Topical Collection focuses on the structural functional abnormalities that may occur at vascular level in hypertensive patients at different cardiovascular risk profile. Clinical studies aimed at evaluating the potential implications of these alterations of the arterial wall in the susceptibility of developing hypertension-related cardiovascular and cerebrovascular events will be included in this Topical Collection. Also studies addressing methodological and therapeutic aspects to be applied for detecting and treating these abnormalities can be considered. The aim of the Editor is to increase awareness within the scientific community, stimulate further high-quality research in this field and improve the knowledge on vascular aging and arterial stiffness in hypertension.

Keywords: Arterial stiffness, pulse wave velocity, pulse wave analysis, pulse pressure, central aortic pressure, vascular age.


Guest editors: Prof. Massimo Salvetti ( ) Prof. Lorenzo Ghiadoni (


Guest Editors: Prof. Bruno Trimarco ( Prof. Jose L. Zamorano (

The purpose of this Topical Collection is to analyze the role of Nutraceuticals on cardiovascular disease prevention. This will include clinical studies aimed at evaluating molecular and cellular mechanisms, as well as pharmacological aspects of different compounds, such as organic vitamins, prohormones, nutrient supplements, antioxidants, vitamins, and natural ingredients. For this purpose, the translational approach will be greatly appreciated. Also clinical studies and meta-analysis assessing the effects of Nutraceuticals on blood pressure reductions and hypertension treatment and control will be considered. This would contribute in ameliorating knowledge in this field within the scientific community, and stimulating further high-quality research in hypertension treatment or cardiovascular disease prevention.

Keywords: Nutraceuticals, Omega 3, Morus alba, Berberine, Red rice, Monacoline, Phytosterols, Dietary supplementation


Guest Editor: Prof. Gian Paolo Rossi