We are requesting papers for our thematic collection on “cross-talk between gut microbiota and the endocrine system” in honour of the world microbiome day.

The human body is colonized by a vast number of microbes, collectively nominated the human microbiota. During the last decade, evidence has shown that the human microbiota plays a key role for maintaining health, and gut dysbiosis is involved in a wide variety of non-communicable diseases including endocrine disorders. Investigating the role of microbiota in prevention and treatment of disease and the maintenance of optimal health is critical. Some environmental factors including dietary intake, drugs, and lifestyle have been identified as major drivers of microbiota composition and function. However, our knowledge on the impact of different interventions on gut microbiota is still limited. This thematic collection is dedicated to improving our knowledge in microbiota and introducing the impact of microbiome in personalized medicine and will cover a selection of current research topics, including, but not limited to the following:

- The impact of microbiota on metabolism, endocrine and immune functions

- The dysbiosis of microbiota in endocrine disorders and related complications

- The links between nutritional intake, therapeutics and microbiome

- Manipulation of the microbiotacomposition/function and the consequences for human health

We invite submissions related to one of these topics as original research article or review. The manuscripts will undergo the standard peer review process overseen by the Guest Editors.

Submission deadline is January 2020.

Please submit here and make sure to indicate that the article is for the thematic collection.